Friday, January 27, 2012

John McCain: 'Send Newt Gingrich to the Moon'

John McCain's zinger about Newt Gingrich's lunar ambitions is immediately negated when he compliments himself on a "pretty good line."
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'The Artist' Blooper Reel

Frankly, it seems like this could have had talking in it.

Mitt Romney: 'Other People Call That Self-Deportation'

Mitt Romney disowns the hot new immigration term he recently popularized.

JEOPARDY: Contestants Cannot I.D. Rachel Maddow

Apparently, Rachel Maddow is not as famous as I assumed she was.

30 ROCK: 'Martin Luther King Day' The Movie Trailer

From the director of Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. Got MLK?

JIMMY KIMMEL: Herman Cain Wishes Jimmy a Happy 9-9-9th Anniversary

After nine years of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Herman Cain gives a special message to Jimmy.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen's First Panel Discussion

After recently featuring his first correspondent via satellite in Iowa, Stephen Colbert introduces another new segment with the Great Available Panel.

DAILY SHOW: Newt Gingrich is Mr. Moon Base

Jon Stewart weighs in on Newt Gingrich's grandiose plan to set up a permanent moon colony.