Saturday, February 4, 2012

Newt Gingrich Fails to Drop Out of Presidential Race

After coming in a distant second or third in Nevada, Newt Gingrich held a press conference to confirm that he's still a candidate for president in case anyone was having doubts.

John King Calls Romney 'Governor Mormon'

CNN's John King is so focused on his interactive screen that he doesn't even stop to correct himself.

Ron Paul Supporter Tries to Fight His Way Into Nevada Caucus

Ron Paul supporters are just way more hardcore than everyone else.

CNN: Rick Santorum Rocks a Bolo Tie in Nevada

Rick Santorum tries to shake things up in Nevada and does not impress CNN's commentators.
"He should stick to the sweater vest."

BILL MAHER: Un-Baptizing Mitt Romney's Dead Father-in-Law

After shutting down the notion that atheism is a religion, Bill Maher performs the first un-baptizing ceremony for Edward Davies.