Thursday, February 9, 2012

Herman Cain's Tirade Against Stupid People at CPAC

Herman Cain uses his CPAC speech to warn against the liberal stupid people who are ruining America.

Cal Thomas Calls Rachel Maddow 'Argument for Contraception'

I cannot wait to see how Rachel Maddow responds to this one.

ELLEN: Bill O'Reilly Love Fest

Only JC Penney could bring these two together in harmony.

Michele Bachmann Reviews Presidential Campaign Humiliations

Michele Bachmann sums up her run for president as "one series of humiliations after another."

Nancy Pelosi Attacks Colbert Super PAC in New Ad

With The Colbert Report on hiatus this week, Nancy Pelosi saw her opening to pick up the campaign finance reform satire slack, producing this attack ad against Colbert Super PAC directing people to

Shit Mitt Romney Says

The American Bridge 21st Century super PAC presents "Shit Mitt Says."

PIERS MORGAN: Jon Voight Endorses Mitt Romney

Now Mitt Romney has the endorsement of billionaires and the Hollywood elite.

CONAN: Romney vs. Santorum Whip Cam Debate

Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter debate the merits of Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum in this new segment.


Jimmy Kimmel spots a new trend in CNN's political coverage.