Friday, February 10, 2012

Callista Gingrich Speaks for First Time at CPAC

It's a miracle!

Rick Santorum Was Talking About Male Soldiers' 'Emotions'

Reminiscent of his infamous comments about "blah people," Rick Santorum is now saying that when he said he was concerned about "emotions" getting in the way of soldiers on the front lines, he was talking about men, not women.

Ann Coulter Calls Obama 'Flavor Flav' at CPAC

Signs of desperation from Ann Coulter.

Foster Friess' Mitt Romney Joke at CPAC

Nailed it.

RACHEL MADDOW: Responding to Cal Thomas' CPAC Comments

As expected, Rachel Maddow responded to Cal Thomas' statement at CPAC yesterday that he wished the MSNBC host had never been born.

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