Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LETTERMAN: Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney

Jon Stewart breaks down what makes Mitt Romney a perfect candidate on the Late Show.

Greg Gutfeld: Birth Control is About 'Getting Rid of the Poor'

"Did you really just say that?"

Santorum: Obama 'Not Interested in Science'

For Rick Santorum to accuse President Obama of not being "interested in science" is the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day.

Allen West Sings 'Pretty Woman'

Rep. Allen West defiantly inserts himself into the ongoing singing competition between Obama and Romney.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Mitt Romney Watches Rick Santorum's 'Rombo' Ad

Within hours of it going up online, Fox and Friends forces Mitt Romney to watch Rick Santorum's new "Rombo" attack ad live on TV.

JIMMY FALLON: Stephen Colbert's Valentine's Day Surprise

Stephen Colbert shows up in a Trojan Ben & Jerry's pint to surprise his eternal enemy for six months.

CONAN: Mitt Romney Talks and Drives

Conan O'Brien doesn't think Mitt Romney should be talking and driving at the same time in his new Michigan ad.

COLBERT REPORT: Obama's Pro-Contraception Attack on Religion

To demonstrate what President Obama is doing to religion, Stephen Colbert sends a banana with a condom on it to the guillotine.

DAILY SHOW: Rick Santorum and Female Soldiers

Jon Stewart shows what would happen if one of Rick Santorum's many worst nightmares came true.

Rick Santorum's Mud-Slinging 'Rombo' Ad

First Glenn Beck calls Santorum "the next George Washington," now this. Santorum is on an advertising roll.