Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LENO: Bill O'Reilly Handicaps Obama vs. Santorum

Bill O'Reilly thinks Rick Santorum has a shot against President Obama.

Obama Sings 'Sweet Home Chicago'

President Obama cannot stop doing the thing that makes him look favorable to Mitt Romney in every way.

HARDBALL: Chris Matthews Gives Santorum New 'Lean Backward' Slogan

Chris Matthews sets Rick Santorum up as the exact opposite of MSNBC.

David Cross Snorted Cocaine in Same Room as President Obama

This is the most straight-forward news report about a comedian doing drugs near the president you'll see all day.

Mitt Romney Loves Everything About Michigan

But he may love its people a little less when he loses the primary there next week.

ONN: Ted Kennedy's Ghost Interrupts Congress

It is impossible to get anything done in Congress with the wailing of Ted Kennedy's ghost filling the chamber.

NewsBlitz: Senate Session Interrupted By Wailing Of Ted Kennedy's Ghost

SECOND CITY: All-Female Birth Control Hearings

If an all-male panel can discuss female reproductive rights, then an all-female panel can dictate how men handle their junk.

LETTERMAN: Presidents' Day Top Ten

David Letterman counts down the top ten presidential visual gags from decades of the Late Show.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Colbert Addresses His Absence

Stephen Colbert opened his first show back after a short hiatus by addressing his absence from the national conversation.

DAILY SHOW: (Almost) All-Male Contraception Panel

Following the lead of Congress and cable news, Jon Stewart compiles an (almost) all-male panel to discuss women's reproductive rights.