Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CNN DEBATE: Honest One Word Answers

What if the candidates had been honest when John King asked them to describe themselves with one word at CNN's debate in Arizona?

CNN DEBATE: Biggest Misconception About Ron Paul is That He Can't Win

In his final statement of the night, Ron Paul tries to dispel the myth that he's unelectable.

CNN DEBATE: Candidates in One Word

Ron Paul is "consistent." Mitt Romney is "resolute." Newt Gingrich is "cheerful." And Rick Santorum is "Uh... courage."

CNN DEBATE: Newt Gingrich's Indignant Birth Control Moment

Newt Gingrich tries to recreate his stand-off with John King over the "open marriage" question to lesser effect when the moderator brings up birth control.

CNN DEBATE: Mitt Romney's George Costanza 'Seinfeld' Reference

Within the first minutes of the CNN Debate in Arizona, Mitt Romney was already (mis)quoting George Costanza.
Here's what Romney was talking about. On the upside, recalling a Seinfeld reference is one of the most human traits he has ever displayed.

Wolf Blitzer Calls Newt Gingrich Fat

During CNN's debate pre-show in Arizona, Wolf Blitzer says that Newt Gingrich "could afford to lose a few pounds."

The Best of Obama Singing

From "Chain of Fools" to "Let's Stay Together" to "Sweet Home Chicago." No auto-tune necessary.

Mitt Romney Embraces the 1%

In just over one month, Mitt Romney has gone from denouncing the idea of dividing the country into the 99% vs. the 1% to using it as a talking point in his stump speech.

FUNNY OR DIE: Rick Santorum's Sad Surge

Live Funny or Die is not impressed with Rick Santorum's "sweep."

PIERS MORGAN: Chris Christie Tells Warren Buffett to 'Shut Up'

Chris Christie thinks Warren Buffett should "just write a check and shut up."

LETTERMAN: Mitt Romney Movies Top Ten

David Letterman counts down the top ten movies about Mitt Romney, including gems like "When Harry Mitt Sally" and "Dog on a Hot Car Roof."

CONAN / KIMMEL: Girl Scouts Propaganda

Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel each give their own take on the lesbian, feminist, communist Girl Scout story.

COLBERT REPORT: Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama Super PAC's

Stephen Colbert catches up on all of the super PAC news he missed while he was away and welcomes Darth-bama to the Green Side.

DAILY SHOW: Chris Christie is Pro-Fat Marriage

Jon Stewart turns the tables on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.