Friday, February 24, 2012

PIERS MORGAN: Newt Gingrich Calls Obama a 'Left-Wing Radical'

It does follow that if Mitt Romney is a "liberal" then the President is a "left-wing radical."

Joe Biden Puts North Carolina Man to Sleep

The Vice President, getting a taste of his own medecine.

CNN: Rudy Giuliani Wants Obama to 'Bomb Iran'

Sounds like Rudy Giuliani still wishes John McCain were president.

Mitt Romney Brags About His Four American-Made Cars

Is this Mitt Romney's "I can't remember how many houses I own" John McCain moment?

PARKS AND REC: Kathryn Hahn is Leslie Knope's Nemesis

Meet Jennifer Barkley, Leslie Knope's worst nightmare.

Bill Maher Gives $1 Million to Obama Super PAC

During his live streaming comedy special on Yahoo last night, Bill Maher announced a big contribution to Priorities USA Action.

TODAY SHOW: Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Dictator' Responds to Oscar Ban

Admiral General Aladeen may not make an appearance on the Oscar red carpet, but he got plenty of exposure on the Today Show this morning.

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LETTERMAN: Joe Scarborough Compares Mitt Romney to Jay Leno

Joe Scarborough makes the ultimate Mitt Romney as Jay Leno analogy.

COLBERT REPORT: Mormons Baptizing Jews

Stephen Colbert takes Elie Wiesel's complaints one step further by posthumously circumcising all dead Mormons.

DAILY SHOW: John Oliver on Rick Santorum

John Oliver brilliantly breaks down the difference between Rick Santorum and other conservatives, and in the process compares Mitt Romney to a rape baby.