Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FOX NEWS: Ron Paul Blames Santorum for Romney Alliance Conspiracy Theories

But doesn't Ron Paul see? This is just further proof that the secret alliance exists!

CNN: Democrats Cause 'Mischief' With Santorum Votes

CNN's Dana Bash is positively giddy about all this mischief in Michigan.

FOX NEWS: Mitt Romney Really Doesn't Want to Lose Massachusetts

But he admits he'll probably lose in Michigan.

Waiter Spills Beers on Germany's Angela Merkel

Judging from this video, German Chancellor Angela Merkel would rather have beer spilled all over her than get a shoulder massage from George W. Bush.

Rick Santorum Calls Mitt Romney a Bully

I would never have known from his policy prescriptions on gay rights that Rick Santorum is so anti-bullying.

Kid Rock for Mitt Romney in Michigan

How much is Mitt Romney paying Kid Rock for this nonsense?

O'REILLY FACTOR: Oscars Red Carpet Coverage

Bill O'Reilly's field reporter gets political with the Hollywood elite at the Oscars.

Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney Would Have Fired Christopher Columbus

Newt Gingrich stakes his claim as the pro-visionary candidate.

RACHEL MADDOW: Michael Moore for Santorum in Michigan

Michael Moore not-so-subtly urges his fellow Michgonians to vote for Rick Santorum today.

Mitt Romney Will Not 'Light His Hair on Fire' for Votes

Mitt Romney flat out refuses to be as crazy as his opponents.

JIMMY FALLON: Brian Williams and Jimmy Slow Jam the Super PAC's

Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams give super PAC's the Slow Jam the News treatment.

COLBERT REPORT: 'The Artist' Oscar Win Outrage

Stephen Colbert fulfills Bill Maher's prediction in the latest edition of "Movies That Are Destroying America."

DAILY SHOW: Rick Santorum's College Indoctrination Theory

The Daily Show's Jessica Williams proves Rick Santorum's theory that the President wants to send everyone to college to be Obamafied.