Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CONAN: Lindsay Lohan's 'Today Show' Interview

Conan O'Brien previews Lindsay Lohan's hard-hitting interview with Matt Lauer.

Orrin Hatch Calls Obama a 'Hipster'

I hope this becomes a major theme of the 2012 campaign.

Ron Paul Attacks Romney, Santorum and Gingrich

See? Ron Paul thinks all of his opponents are terrible people. Even Mitt Romney!

Jan Brewer: 'Enough With the Vetting'

Says the woman who just made up her mind on who to endorse last week.

LETTERMAN: Mitt Romney Michigan Trees Top Ten

David Letterman counts down the "Top Ten Other Things Mitt Romney Says He Likes About Michigan's Trees."

COLBERT REPORT: Bob Morris' Girl Scouts Conspiracy Theory

Stephen Colbert thinks he may have found the conservative savior the GOP has been looking for.

DAILY SHOW: Samantha Bee Interviews Grover Norquist

Samantha Bee reveals that the entire government is paralyzed by the crazy ideas of a 12-year-old.