Friday, March 2, 2012

BILL MAHER: Beware Joke Candidates Romney and Santorum

Bill Maher wants you to know that liberals live inside a bubble, too.

LENO: Obama vs. Romney on 'The Voice'

Jay Leno previews next week's very special episode of The Voice featuring the country's two best singers.

Obama Just Wants to Drive a Chevy Volt

Has President Obama ever seemed happier than he does today?

Aziz Ansari vs. Barack Obama

Leave it to President Obama to start a Twitter war with Aziz Ansari just days after confirming that Omar is his favorite character from The Wire. This man is unstoppable.

Obama Contends with Heckler on Iran

President Obama tells a heckler at a fundraiser that they're "jumping the gun" by yelling "No war in Iran!"

COLBERT REPORT: The Return of the Jebi

Stephen Colbert gets behind Jeb Bush as a last-ditch Mitt Romney alternative.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Bristol Palin Reality Show Promo

Jimmy Kimmel shows the first promo for Lifetime's Life's a Tripp.

DAILY SHOW: Thomas Jefferson Goes to Walgreens

In the newest installment of "Founding Fathers Theater," Jon Stewart as Thomas Jefferson goes to Walgreens to buy contraception for his slave.