Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rick Santorum Shocks Himself With Southern Sweep

Even Rick Santorum can't believe he won both Alabama and Mississippi.

Mitt Romney Reflects on His 65th Birthday

What do you get for the man who has a quarter of a billion dollars? Apparently just a measly kiss from his wife.

Founding Father Pick-Up Lines

What if the founding fathers were transplanted to 2012 and tried to hit on women? I Made America has the answer to that very specific question.

Sarah Palin vs. Julianne Moore Comparison

Someone on YouTube dutifully paired the real Sarah Palin with Julianne Moore's version back-to-back for twelve minutes.
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HANNITY: Rick Santorum Responds to Bill Maher

Sean Hannity asks Rick Santorum to respond to Bill Maher's "New Rule" about him from last week.
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COLBERT REPORT: Alabama and Mississippi Primaries

Southern belle Stephen Colbert weighs in on the remaining GOP candidates ahead of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries.


Jon Stewart figures out what's funny about the Joseph Kony story.