Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LENO: Ron Paul Calls Bullshit on Newt Gingrich's $2.50 Gas Plan

Ron Paul agrees with Jay Leno that Newt Gingrich is "on the moon."

CNN: Michele Bachmann Wants GOP to Pick a Candidate Already

If the GOP presidential candidate isn't going to be her, Michele Bachmann wants the party to quit their shenanigans and pick someone already.

Mitt Romney Denies Heckler Free Birth Control

Mitt Romney once again clarifies his position on free birth control for women.
"If you’re looking for free stuff you don’t have to pay for, vote for the other guy."
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Rick Santorum Does Not Approve of Malia Obama's Mexico Vacation

Glenn Beck goads Rick Santorum into chastising President Obama for letting his daughter go on a trip to Mexico, because that's what this election is really all about.
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Newt Gingrich Offended by Robert De Niro's 'White First Lady' Comment

Newt Gingrich thinks Robert De Niro made his joke about America not being ready for a white first lady because he's too rich to know how much gas costs.

ONN: Joad Cressbeckler in Legal Trouble

Did the Onion News Network's Joad Cressbeckler intentionally incite violence against a member of Congress?
"'Briar patch' is obviously a metaphor for the prickly political atmosphere in Washington and 'dragged from a horse' means something else."

Joad Cressbeckler Denies He Incited Mob To Drag Congressman Through Briar Patch

Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

The new standard bearer for 2012 campaign parody videos.
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MORNING JOE: Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum on Unemployment

Joe and Mika break down the ensuing battle between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum after Santorum let it slip that he "doesn't care what the unemployment rate's going to be."

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JIMMY KIMMEL: 'I'm Rick Santorum and I Approve This Pornography'

This is what all pornography will look like if Rick Santorum becomes president.