Friday, March 23, 2012

BILL MAHER: National Day of No Outrage

Bill Maher brings his New York Times op-ed to Real Time.

Gotcha Links of the Week


President Obama is definitely going to be in the hypothetical Entourage movie according to Adrian Grenier.
ᔥ Politico
Bristol Palin is waiting patiently by the phone for an apology phone call from President Obama for something Bill Maher said.
ᔥ Wonkette
How much do Puerto Ricans hate Rick Santorum?
Aziz Ansari pulls a Louis CK.
ᔥ Laughspin
Official press release of the week from Etch A Sketch.
ᔥ ThinkProgress
Bill Maher has something very important he needs to talk about.
ᔥ NYTimes
Ever wonder how President Obama finds the time to watch Homeland?
ᔥ Vulture
Meet the star of the upcoming Ol' Dirty Bastard biopic Michael K. Williams, AKA Omar Little.
ᔥ Interrobang
Geraldo Rivera reviews a hoodie on Amazon.
ᔥ Funny or Die

Rick Santorum Predicts Obamapocalypse

Rick Santorum wants to welcome you to Obamaville. Are we sure Herman Cain didn't make this ad?
ᔥ BuzzFeed

Ron Paul is the Anti-Etch A Sketch President

Not only is Ron Paul nothing like an Etch A Sketch, he even refuses to hold one up and shake it around.

Joe Biden's Etch A Sketch Joke

Joe Biden works a Mitt Romney Etch A Sketch reference into his speech on Cut, Cap and Balance.

Rick Santorum Endorses Barack Obama

Rick Santorum indicates that we'd be better off keeping President Obama than electing Mitt Romney.

Obama Comments on Trayvon Martin Killing

President Obama's view on the Trayvon Martin case is a bit more nuanced and heartfelt than Geraldo Rivera's.
"You know, if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and get to the bottom of exactly what happened."
ᔥ ThinkProgress

FOX AND FRIENDS: Trayvon Martin's Hoodie to Blame

And any woman wearing a mini-skirt deserves to be raped. Geraldo Rivera's going to get fired now, right?

FUNNY OR DIE: Obama Smokes Pot with LA Hipsters

President Obama goes to Silver Lake to try something drastic to jump start the economy.

TODAY: Michele Bachmann Stills Thinks She Could be VP

As the only presidential candidate who hasn't endorsed yet, Michele Bachmann sure is hedging her bets.

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And just in case you thought Bachmann was saving her big endorsement for Fox News, don't worry, she's not.