Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gotcha Links of the Week

ᔥ Pop Culture Brain
Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs was decidedly not an April Fools' joke.
ᔥ Interrobang
The Daily Show is going to the Democratic National Convention.
ᔥ HuffPost
It turns out Rick Perry was on painkillers during all those debates.
ᔥ Daily Caller
Patton Oswalt is your 2012 Webby Awards host.
ᔥ LaughSpin
Michelle Obama will join Stephen Colbert for the second time next week.
ᔥ Politico
It may be time to say goodbye to Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg.
ᔥ US Weekly
Mitt Romney sucks up to the mainstream media.
ᔥ Death + Taxes
This American Life meets HBO.
ᔥ Vulture
Matt Lauer's big announcement is that he isn't going anywhere.
ᔥ Gothamist

Porn Stars Against Santorum Ad

Porn stars are banding together to oppose Rick Santorum... and support Mitt Romney?
ᔥ BuzzFeed

JIMMY FALLON: 'Night News Now' is Back

Jimmy Fallon's "Night News Now" is back.