Wednesday, April 11, 2012

COLBERT REPORT: Michelle Obama Got the 'Colbert Bump'

Michelle Obama owes Stephen Colbert big time.

Allen West Warns of Communists in Congress

Allen West picks up where Joseph McCarthy left off.

Newt Gingrich Dismisses Bounced Utah Check

No matter the circumstances, it never looks good to have to explain away a bounced check.

Barack Obama Remembers Mitt Romney's Primary Campaign

In this new two minute online ad, President Obama takes a wistful look back at Mitt Romney's primary campaign to make sure we won't let his "severely conservative" positions get Etch A Sketched.

THE VIEW: Why Is Newt Gingrich Still Running?

There's one thing that every member of The View panel can agree on: Newt Gingrich has no reason to keep running for the GOP nomination.
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JIMMY FALLON: Mitt Romney Pros and Cons

Jimmy Fallon reviews the pros and cons of a Mitt Romney presidency.

CONAN: Obama's New Campaign Slogans

President Obama has been trying out increasingly desperate campaign slogans.

JIMMY KIMMEL: L. Brent Santorum Comments on Rick Leaving Race

This may be the last we hear from Rick Santorum's brother.

LETTERMAN: Mitt Romney Top Ten

With Mitt Romney taking his seat as the de facto GOP nominee, David Letterman counts down the top ten words rarely used to describe him.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Colbert's Lady Heroes

All of Stephen Colbert's Lady Heroes are men.