Saturday, April 14, 2012

SNL: Romney, Santorum and GOP Candidates Sing Green Day's 'Time Of Your Life'

SNL wraps up the 2012 GOP primary with a heartfelt sing-a-long reunion featuring all the major players.

CNN: 'Fox News Mole' Joe Muto on 'Reliable Sources'

Gawker's "Fox News Mole" Joe Muto gives his first TV interview since being fired to Howard Kurtz.

Obama Open to Debate on Drug Decriminalization

Despite the recent actions of his Attorney General, President Obama tells Univision that he doesn't "mind a debate" about drug decriminalization.

BILL MAHER: Hilary Rosen-Gate

Bill Maher and his panel unpack the "meaningless controversy" surrounding Hilary Rosen's comments on stay-at-home moms.