Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newt Gingrich Quits With Barrage of Brags

Newt Gingrich officially ended his campaign today by listing his lifetime achievements.
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Later in his farewell speech he gave Mitt Romney the most glowing endorsement he is apparently capable of giving.

Obama Attacks Newt Gingrich One Last Time

On the occasion Newt Gingrich's official exit from the presidential race, the Obama campaign releases 90 seconds of Newt's worst attacks on Mitt Romney.
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JIMMY FALLON: Newt Gingrich Pros and Cons

Now that a full week has passed, it's officially time to weigh the pros and cons of Newt Gingrich dropping out.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Mitt Romney's Wild and Crazy Side

Jimmy Kimmel shows off Mitt Romney's "wild and crazy" side.

DAILY SHOW: Obama's Osama Ad

Jon Stewart asks Republicans if they're on crack for criticizing President Obama's Osama bin Laden anniversary ad, then shows the ad George W. Bush would have run if he had the chance.