Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RACHEL MADDOW: Jane Lynch Takes Over

Jane Lynch briefly took over The Rachel Maddow Show tonight to report on Republicans' evolving views on gay marriage. She did such a good job that you have to wonder how many people actually noticed.

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James Lipton Teaches Mitt Romney 'How to Act Human'

If Mitt Romney were a student at the Actor's Studio, this is what James Lipton would teach him.
ᔥ NYMag

VEEP: Selina Meyer's Clarification and Outtakes

From HBO's Veep, some online videos to continue the Meet the Press hot mic moment from last week's episode.
ᔥ BuzzFeed

Chris Christie vs. Cory Booker for VP

You have to wait until the very end of this long, sometimes funny sketch from New Jersey's Governor and Newark's Mayor, but does this mean Christie's in as Romney's VP?
ᔥ Politico

Herman Cain Cries 'Tyranny' on Obama

Herman Cain calls the Obama campaign "tyrannical" for banning cell phones at private fundraisers. At least he didn't shoot any bunny rabbits.

TODAY: Sacha Baron Cohen (as Himself) at Cannes

The Today Show lands the third ever interview with Sacha Baron Cohen as himself from Cannes.

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CONAN: Bill Maher Says Obama is NOT the First Gay President

Bill Maher fundamentally disagrees with this week's cover of Newsweek.