Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PIERS MORGAN: Donald Trump on Bain Capital

So what Donald Trump is saying is that he'd like to see Mitt Romney punch President Obama in the face?

FOX NEWS: Obama is 'Raping the American Taxpayer'

On The Five, Eric Bolling says that if Mitt Romney was raping companies at Bain, then President Obama has been "raping the American taxpayer." Will we ever truly know which candidate is the bigger rapist?

LETTERMAN: Will Smith Talks About Slapping Reporter

Will Smith explains the impetus behind the slap heard 'round the world (most loudly by Donald Trump).

CNN: Colbert Inspires College Super PAC's

CNN investigates the Stephen Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Pack phenomenon and interviews the college student who created Cats for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

Donald Trump Congratulates Will Smith

Donald Trump is just so proud of Will Smith for slapping that Ukrainian reporter. "I only wish you hit him harder."

VEEP: Selina Meyer on Obesity

HBO's Veep continues its series of direct addresses from VP Selina Meyer, this time on her new pet project of ending obesity. "Get up off your dead one."
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TODAY: Jimmy Fallon Says 'Obama Booked Himself' on Late Night

Jimmy Fallon shares some behind-the-scenes details with Matt Lauer about Slow Jamming the News with President Obama.

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JAY LENO: Obama and Romney's 'Call Me Maybe' Car Dance

President Obama and Mitt Romney get in on one of the latest viral video trends.

LETTERMAN: Mitt Romney's 'Day Two' Ad

David Letterman shows the extended version of Mitt Romney's first general election ad, which also includes what happens on Day Two of his hypothetical presidency.

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin on Obama, Romney and Bain

Sarah Palin offers her valuable opinion on the issues of the day, saying that we still need to know which terrorists President Obama has been palling around with, but also that Bain Capital is fair game for attacks on Mitt Romney.
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