Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AC360: DJ Prince Charles

Anderson Cooper's "The Ridiculist" looks at Prince Charles' Canadian DJ lesson.

LETTERMAN: Bill O'Reilly Finally Fist Bumps Dave

The last time Bill O'Reilly was on the Late Show he refused to high-five David Letterman. This time he seriously resists the fist bump.

Colin Powell Endorses Gay Marriage But Not Obama

Colin Powell has been making the rounds on national TV this week, telling Wolf Blitzer that he has "no problem" with gay marriage, but not yet throwing his weight behind President Obama.

JIMMY FALLON: Anderson Cooper Gloats Over 'Jeopardy' Win

Anderson Cooper tells Jimmy Fallon that he celebrated his Jeopardy victory over Thomas Friedman by smugly rereading his columns.

Does Mitt Romney Welcome Attacks on Bain?

Yes and he'd like to talk about Obama's record.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Mitt Romney's 'Day One' Ad

Jimmy Kimmel may or may not have seen David Letterman's "Day Two" parody of Mitt Romney's first general election ad, but he definitely one-ups him with the revised narration on this one.

CONAN: Tracy Morgan Weighs Obama Against Romney

Tracy Morgan tells Conan O'Brien why he might vote for Mitt Romney, but will probably come around to "Gangbanger" Obama.