Thursday, May 24, 2012

Michelle Obama Wants to Trade Places With Beyonce

Maybe for his second term, President Obama can live with Beyonce in the White House while Michelle goes on tour with Jay-Z.

AC360: The Most Ignorant Homophobe Of All Time

Anderson Cooper somehow managed to get the most inarticulate, ignorant homophobic churchgoer ever on his show and proceeded to take her seriously for as long as he possibly could.
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HARDBALL: Newt Gingrich vs. Chris Matthews on Romney

Chris Matthews sits down with Newt Gingrich for epic battle of wits in which the real loser is Mitt Romney.

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Donald Trump Wants to Be Romney's VP

After laying out an array of acceptable candidates, Donald Trump says that he himself would be the best choice. It's just so hard to tell whether Trump is joking sometimes.
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MSNBC: Joe Biden Can Talk To White Men

MSNBC's Paul Reyes says that Vice President Joe Biden can talk to white male voters in a way that President Obama can't.
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Tony Soprano and Henry Hill Explain Bain Capital

The Sopranos' Tony Soprano and Goodfellas' Henry Hill help news anchors explain exactly how Bain Capital worked.