Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Donald Trump Doesn't Want to Talk About the Birther Issue

On May 29th, 2012, the last thing Donald Trump wanted to discuss was President Obama's place of birth. And he definitely doesn't talk about it with Mitt Romney.

FOX NEWS: Donald Trump Doesn't Like to Use the Word 'Birther'

He thinks it's a very condescending word for a very important issue. And issue that he really doesn't want to talk about, but those pesky reporters keep bringing it up.

HARDBALL: Chris Matthews Calls Romney 'The Apprentice'

It doesn't seem like the biggest political problem with Donald Trump's support for Mitt Romney, but Chris Matthews has a point.

President Obama Gives Bob Dylan Medal of Freedom

And he never took the sunglasses off.

CNN: Wolf Blitzer Outsmarts Donald Trump on Birtherism

After this ten minute segment on CNN this afternoon, there are a lot of people apologizing to Wolf Blitzer for doubting him over the years. From Trump saying Obama uses "reverse psychology" to Blitzer calling him "ridiculous" for "doubling down" on Birtherism, this was one the best CNN interviews in recent memory.

THE VIEW: Michelle Obama 'Not Interested in Politics'

For someone who has no interest in politics, Michelle Obama sure has to deal with a lot of them.

COLLEGEHUMOR: Obama vs. Romney 'Game of Thrones' Parody

Lord Barack takes on Sir Romney of the Northlands. November is Coming.
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CNN: David Letterman Talks Politics with Regis Philbin

David Letterman tells Piers Morgan Tonight guest host Regis Philbin that he's a a registered Independent and just goes where the material is. If Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney happen to be easy targets, so be it.

Mitt Romney Blames Mic Problems on Obama

It takes his microphone malfunctioning for Mitt Romney to really get the comedic juices flowing.

CNBC: Trump Hammers the Birther Issue

Maybe Donald Trump saw President Obama's new ad this morning and felt the need to respond. Or maybe he really believes the words coming out of his mouth. Either way, he's digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole and forcing Mitt Romney to address the eternal Birther question very soon.
"Is it the most important thing? In a way it is."

Obama Ad Takes on Romney/Trump Birther Connection

Who would have thought in 2008 that the Obama campaign would now be releasing ads that praise John McCain for the way he stood up to his supporters who were opening calling Obama "Muslim" and "Arab?" McCain's response, preserved in the ad below, that Obama is not an "Arab" but a "decent man" always struck me as ignorant and bigoted in its own way.
But here they are, contrasting that with how Mitt Romney is refusing to set himself apart from his supporter Donald Trump on the Birther issue.
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