Sunday, June 3, 2012

Everybody Loves Elizabeth Warren

Proof that people with real Boston accents love Elizabeth Warren (along with President Obama, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart).

FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Anna Wintour's Obama Invitation

The Fox News Sunday panel are not impressed with the Obama campaign's use of Anna Wintour to solicit donations.

Romney Campaign Labels Paul Krugman an 'Obama Surrogate'

The Romney campaign hastily put together this video of somewhat out-of-context quotes from this morning's political talk shows, but the really off-base move is lumping Paul Krugman in with the rest of the Obama campaign's spokespeople. Yes, Krugman writes for The New York Times, but if whoever made this video read his columns (or even watched the full segment on This Week), they would know that his love for the Obama administration is not exactly unconditional.

THIS WEEK: Obama's Stephanie Cutter vs. Romney's Eric Fehrnstrom

This is the closest we'll get to an Obama/Romney debate for a while, with top advisors from both campaigns facing off in the roundtable on This Week.
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