Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DAILY SHOW: 'Madison Men' Wisconsin Recall Preview

Jon Stewart uses the Mad Men intro to preview cable news' inevitably hyperbolic Wisconsin recall coverage.

Barrett Supporter Cries Over the 'End of Democracy'

This Wisconsin Democrat sums it up in the saddest display of the night on CNN.
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FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin on What Walker's Victory Means for Obama

Sarah Palin's giddy reaction to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's unfortunate but expected victory is that President Obama's "goose is cooked." Nice analysis, Sarah. It's almost as good as your new glasses.

LETTERMAN: Michelle Obama Gardening Top Ten

Live from the White House, Michelle Obama presents the "Top Ten Fun Facts About Gardening."

Frank Luntz Focus Groups Wisconsin Recall

Frank Luntz does one of his famous focus groups for Fox News in Wisconsin. This is what real people in Wisconsin are thinking today.

Fox News Shills for Scott Walker

Talking Points Memo puts together the best Fox News' Wisconsin recall election coverage.

GMA: Bill O'Reilly Declares Victory for Romney, Walker

For some reason George Stephanopoulos gave Bill O'Reilly a platform this morning to say that if the election were held today Romney would win. O'Reilly also says that in the Wisconsin election, which is held today, Governor Scott Walker will emerge victorious.
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JAY LENO: Obama and Romney on 'Duets'

Jay Leno gets President Obama and Mitt Romney together again, this time to perform "Let's Stay Together" on Duets.

CONAN: George W. Bush's Portrait Unveiling

Conan O'Brien reveals the portrait of President Bush that is now hanging in the White House.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Wants Politicians To Talk More Fancy

"If you use big words, no one will know you aren't doing jack squat."

DAILY SHOW: CNN's Diamond Jubilee Coverage

Jon Stewart just cannot get enough of CNN's Diamond Jubilee coverage.

Bill Clinton Campaigns For Obama in New York

Bill Clinton works hard to erase the memory of his praise for Mitt Romney's economic record at last night's Obama fundraisers in New York.