Thursday, June 7, 2012

DAILY SHOW: What is Fair Game?

Jon Stewart gets to the bottom of the most important question in politics today.

JAY LENO: Obama's 'Glee' Fundraiser

Jay Leno shows how President Obama lived a "Teenage Dream" at his Glee-themed fundraiser.

Obama's Blow Job Joke at LGBT Fundraiser

President Obama makes what appears to be an unintentional double entendre about Michelle Obama's push-up contest with Ellen Degeneres.

Greek Politician Punches Female Rival on Live TV

Wow, Greek political talk shows are way more lively than Meet the Press. More details on the scary/confusing brawl at Mediaite.

Sam Stein on Romney: 'When He's Elected President...'

Does The Huffington Post's Sam Stein know something we don't?

Republican Ron Gould Shoots the Health Care Bill

Only Arizona Congressional candidate Ron Gould will literally shoot Obama's health care bill... with a gun.
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TODAY: Chris Rock Supports Our 'Zebra President'

Chris Rock finds a way to relate his character from the Madagascar films to President Obama.

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MORNING JOE: Joan Rivers Hates Everyone

Joan Rivers goes on Morning Joe to promote her new book I Hate Everyone...Starting with Me and spends most of the interview awkwardly fighting with Mika Brzezinski.

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MSNBC: Snow White and the Jon Huntsman

How did it take MSNBC's Alex Wagner to create this parody trailer/interview with Jon Huntsman? With special guest Abby Huntsman.

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LETTERMAN: Mitt Romney's Email Top Ten

Now that Mitt Romney's Hotmail (of course) account has been hacked, David Letterman presents the "Top Ten Subject Lines Of Emails Received By Mitt Romney."

JIMMY KIMMEL: Are People Offended By the Term 'Birther?'

Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Sal tries to find out if regular people are as offended as by the term "Birther" as Donald Trump is.

CMT AWARDS: Obama and Romney Intro

Willie Geist of Morning Joe asks the important question about President Obama and Mitt Romney's awkward co-appearance on last night's CMT Awards. "Who looks more out of place at the Country Music Awards?"

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Celebrates the Death of Unions

Until his union crew refuses to drop balloons on him and opts for a dead fish instead. Also, President Obama is Billy Elliot.