Friday, June 8, 2012

BILL MAHER: Occupy Movement Advice

Bill Maher wants the Occupy movement to "be our Tea Party" and occupy Congress.

Mitt Romney is Way Too Excited About Obama's 'Fine' Gaffe

Mitt Romney responds in a predictable way to President Obama's comments about the "private sector doing just fine."

Obama: 'The Private Sector's Doing Fine'

It's not quite as bad as "I like being able to fire people" or "I'm not concerned about the very poor" but this out-of-context sound bite from the President's press conference today is going to be way too easy to use against him.
UPDATE: I'm not sure if this direct contradiction makes this better or worse.

Gotcha Links of the Week

ᔥ Twitter
Mitt Romney t-shirts at Urban Outfitters: ironic?
ᔥ Salon
Herman Cain starts cashing in as a conservative radio host.
Jason Alexander is very sorry for using the word "gay" inappropriately.
ᔥ The Daily What
Both Louis CK and Andrew Dice Clay have found their way into the new Woody Allen movie.
ᔥ Laughspin
Fox News commentator Jonah Goldberg wants to gets punched in the face, and this guy can help.
ᔥ Death + Taxes
Of course, Mitt Romney's hotmail account got hacked into.
ᔥ Gawker
Jerry Seinfeld is decidely anti-Bloomberg's soda ban.
ᔥ NYMag
Rick Perry officially becomes Mr. Boo-urns.
ᔥ BuzzFeed

JIMMY KIMMEL: Donald Trump's Movie Studio

Jimmy Kimmel shows some posters for movies that will be made at Donald Trump's new movie studio project.

Rand Paul Disses Ron Paul Fans

Rand Paul had this to say about his father's young fans on Fox News last night.
"My dad has a legion of young followers who are on the internet, and they think they rule the internet, and maybe they do, maybe they don't."
ᔥ GOP12