Thursday, June 14, 2012

FUNNY OR DIE: Fred Willard's Flag Day Tour

Fred Willard takes us through the history of the American flag.

FOX NEWS: Shepard Smith Loves The 'True Blood'

Shepard Smith subtly transitions from discussing Lance Armstrong to extolling the virtues of HBO's True Blood.
"Do you have DVR? You should record the True Blood."
ᔥ Mediaite

Obama Jokes About His 'Private Sector' Gaffe

During a speech in Ohio today, President Obama makes light of his "the private sector is doing fine" gaffe.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Gretchen Carlson Walks Off Set

This was just one sexist joke over the line for Gretchen Carlson.
ᔥ ThinkProgress

HANNITY: Obama Girl Switching to Romney?

Maybe she's just jealous of Obama Guy?

LETTERMAN: Mitt Romney Doughnut Top Ten

Assuming Mitt Romney really doesn't know what a doughnut is, here are ten other ways he might describe them.

CONAN: The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

Conan O'Brien meets with four Presidential impersonators and brings his own Mary Todd to the Land of Lincoln.

COLBERT REPORT: Orangutans with iPads

Stephen Colbert uncovers the latest "Enemy Within."

DAILY SHOW: Obama Rock

In order to compete with Mitt Romney in fundraising, President Obama needs to monetize his campaign by making products like "Obama Rock," featuring such classics as "Let's Stay Together" and "Sweet Home Chicago."