Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DAILY SHOW: Fox News' Failed 'Gotcha' on Obama's Immigration Policy

Sean Hannity thought he caught President Obama in a direct contradiction regarding Presidential power and immigration. He must not have watched the full tape.

HANNITY: Sarah Palin Says Obama's Students 'Got Ripped Off'

Any former students of President Obama out there want to counter this nonsense?

Mitt Romney: 'Marco Rubio Is Being Vetted' for VP

Mitt Romney puts Marco Rubio at ease and helps boost his book sales by confirming that despite some news reports, he is still in the running for the VP slot. This may mean that Romney won't be appearing on ABC's This Week anytime soon.

CNN: Ron Paul Not Ready to Endorse Mitt Romney

And he probably never will be. His responses to the suggestion include, "no way" and "what would it achieve?"

Senator Harry Reid: 'That's a Clown Question, Bro'

Senator Harry Reid takes a page out of Bryce Harper's playbook.
ᔥ The Atlantic

Joe the Plumber: Gun Control Caused the Holocaust

There goes any Jewish votes Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher might have been hoping to get in his Ohio Congressional race.
ᔥ ThinkProgress

MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell Doesn't Quite Apologize for Wawa Segment

Andrea Mitchell has been under fire for taking Mitt Romney's Wawa comments out of their pro-private sector, anti-government context. Today, she played a longer clip, but made no apologies.

Romney Mobile's 'Every Millionaire Counts' Tour

One SUV with a dog strapped to the roof is following Mitt Romney's bus tour across the country.

JAY LENO: Cory Booker on 'Meet The Press' Flak

Newark Mayor Cory Booker tells Jay Leno how he made amends with his friend President Obama after he said Mitt Romney's Bain record should be off-limits on Meet The Press.

CONAN: More Lousy Obama and Romney Slogans

President Obama and Mitt Romney are still trying out slogans, including Conan O'Brien's favorite, "It's raining outside!"

TPM's Ultimate Fox News Promo

Talking Points Memo makes the epic two-minute promo Fox News deserves.

HANNITY: Neil Munro Defends Obama Interruption

Sean Hannity showing a clip of reporters interrupting Ronald Reagan proves that The Daily Caller's Neil Munro wasn't being disrespectful.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Interrupts President Obama

Press Corps Reserves member Stephen Colbert pulls a Neil Munro and heckles the President.