Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CONAN: Mitt Romney's Sons Tried To Convince Him Not to Run

This is what happens when all five of Mitt Romney's sons go on Conan.

FOX NEWS: Neil Cavuto Defends Ann Romney From Dressage Attacks

Neil Cavuto singles out MSNBC for making fun of Ann Romney's preferred form of MS therapy, but he could just as well be talking to Stephen Colbert.

COLBERT REPORT: Mitt Romney's Horse Makes the Olympic Team

Stephen Colbert celebrates Mitt Romney's horse Rafalca's ascension to Olympic heights. "I horsed it!"

Joe the Plumber: Unlike the Bible, Science Keeps Changing

Keep in mind that this report is produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network, not The Daily Show.

Bristol Palin Cries After Bar Fight

Thanks to Bristol Palin's new reality show, we now know what happened after she got in that epic bar fight in West Hollywood.
ᔥ The Daily Beast

'Game of Thrones' Super PAC Ads

Would you trust the Mother of Dragons with your kids? Where is King Joffrey's birth certificate? Answers to these question and more in Mother Jones' brilliant super PAC ads from Westeros.
ᔥ The Atlantic Wire

LETTERMAN: Out-of-Touch Top Ten

David Letterman's top ten list about out-of-touch people proves that President Obama and Mitt Romney aren't as out-of-touch as they accuse each other to be.

CBS THIS MORNING: Charlie Rose Grills Marco Rubio About Being Vetted

I know you said you don't want to talk about the process, but "what happens when you're vetted?"
ᔥ GOP12

JIMMY KIMMEL: First Ever Presidential Attack Ad

Jimmy Kimmel shows what may be the first ever Presidential attack ad.
"Telegram Warren Harding and tell him to scram!"

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Endorses John Kerry

If John Kerry is portraying Mitt Romney in mock debates with President Obama, then he gets Stephen Colbert's full support.