Monday, June 25, 2012

DAILY SHOW: Los Panderos at NALEO

Jon Stewart compares and contrasts President Obama and Mitt Romney's speeches at the NALEO conference.

THE NEWSROOM: Will McAvoy Talks to Mark Zuckerberg

It's cool that Aaron Sorkin got Jesse Eisenberg to do a voiceover cameo in The Newsroom pilot, but it seems like he could have written him some new dialogue instead of just lifting it from The Social Network. Yet another example of Sorkin's special brand of self-plagiarism.

Obama Thanks Boston for Kevin Youkilis

President Obama is very grateful that his White Sox now have long-time Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis.

MSNBC: Touré Breaks Down 'The Cycle'

Touré leads the way in introducing the differences and similarities between all four hosts of MSNBC's new afternoon show The Cycle.

Romney Spokesman Dodges Arizona Immigration Question

Mitt Romney didn't want to face the press, so he sent his traveling press secretary Rick Gorka to the back of his plain to dodge questions about the Arizona immigration Supreme Court decision for him.

Obama Mocks Romney's 'Outsourcing' vs. 'Offshoring' Distinction

During a speech in New Hampshire today, President Obama took the Romney campaign to task for saying Bain Capital "outsourced" work but didn't "offshore" jobs.

Jan Brewer on Arizona Immigration Law Supreme Court Decision

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer thanks the Supreme Court for allowing her to keep racial profiling the people of her state.

JEST: Presidential Blaze Session

What if all the Presidents (except Nixon) got high together?
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THE VIEW: Marco Rubio Talks Around Immigration, VP Process

Marco Rubio follows up his Meet The Press appearance by going on The View and refusing to give straight answers on immigration or the VP process.

Barack Obama Sings Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend'

It was only a few weeks ago that BaracksDubs released their video of President Obama singing "Call Me Maybe," but they're already back with another expertly edited musical performance, this time of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend."

TODAY: Louis CK's Sarah Palin Poetry

Among other topics, Louis CK addresses his anti-Sarah Palin Twitter rant on the Today Show.
"It has caused me some problems that I wrote shit about her. but I also -- Why not, man? What is she? She's just a person. I don't think she's some sacred person. To me, I was writing poems. It was like poetry to me. And I enjoyed writing them... Would I do it again? Yeah, I think so. It still makes me laugh, the stuff I wrote when I think about it. I thought it was well written."

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Judah Friedlander's Presidential Platform

Judah Friedlander would be the first extra-dark black belt president.
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FOX AND FRIENDS: Obama Campaign Wedding Registry

Fox and Friends takes something weird, but genuine and turns it into the most ridiculous thing in the world.