Thursday, June 28, 2012

DAILY SHOW: CNN and Fox News Health Care Ruling FAIL

Jon Stewart recaps the race between CNN and Fox News to determine who could get the Supreme Court heath care decision wrong first.

FOX NEWS: Michele Bachmann Relives Her Elation/Depression Over Health Care Ruling

Fox News and CNN's hasty announcement this morning put Michele Bachmann through some serious emotional turmoil. Also, did Bill O'Reilly really take the night off so he didn't have to "apologize for being an idiot?"

Pelosi, Democrats Boycott Holder Contempt Vote

Following Rep. Nancy Pelosi's lead, most of the Democrats in the House walked out of the chamber before the vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt.

Bill O'Reilly Will 'Apologize For Being An Idiot'

Looking for some icing on the cake of this Supreme Court health care decision? With any luck, tonight we'll get to see Bill O'Reilly apologize for being an idiot.
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Bad Lip Reading: Clinton and Bush

Just because they were both President before the Bad Lip Reading craze, doesn't mean these two can escape it.

President Obama and Mitt Romney React to Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

You're not going to find a much clearer contrast between these two than the speeches they each made this afternoon following the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.

UCB: Vetting Bobby Jindal

Unfortunately they couldn't get Jack McBrayer to play Governor Jindal, but this guy's pretty solid.

Michele Bachmann Slams 'Activist Court'

Well, everyone does know that Chief Justice John Roberts is a liberal activist.

CONAN: Dinner with Barack

Conan O'Brien shows what really went down at the latest Dinner with Barack event.
"What did you expect for 5 bucks?"

JIMMY KIMMEL: Votes Obamas

Yeses He Cans.


First it's Pixar, now Stephen Colbert has the fear the gay agenda of all his favorite snack foods.

FOX NEWS: Karl Rove Reacts to Supreme Court Health Care Decision

Karl Rove calls the decision a "boost" for President Obama but indicates that the political fight will only intensify.
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TODAY: Ann Curry's Tearful Farewell

The official news of Ann Curry's Today Show departure may be getting buried by the Supreme Court health care decision, but here is her goodbye to viewers.

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CNN: Health Care Mandate Struck Down

In an effort to beat their competitors to the breaking news of the morning, CNN gets the Supreme Court health care decision wrong.
"Wow, that's a dramatic moment."
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