Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rep. Joe Walsh Debates Ashleigh Banfield

Rep. Joe Walsh really wants to debate his opponent Tammy Duckworth, but in lieu of that he'll happily spar with CNN's Ashleigh Banfield.

Rick Santorum Predicts Obama Will Bomb Iran

That would be quite an "October surprise."

CNN: Herman Cain Promotes CainTV

A slow news day at CNN leads to an lengthy interview with Herman Cain about his new website.
"It's not overtly political, but it's covertly conservative."

Ann Romney Would 'Love' a Woman VP for Mitt

Is Mitt Romney about to pull a Palin?

Obama Fired Up About Health Care in Ohio

President Obama finally showed some real enthusiasm about the Supreme Court upholding his Affordable Care Act, successfully shifting the message from "tax" vs. "penalty" to why the law is needed in the first place.

MSNBC: Stephanie Cutter Calls Health Care Mandate a 'Penalty on the 1%'

I could really get behind this new Occupy-inspired rhetoric on the health care mandate.