Sunday, July 8, 2012

FOX NEWS: Obama's 'Dreams from My Father' Embellishments

Fox News launches a new conspiracy about President Obama with this report on what he may have embellished for literary effect in his autobiography Dreams from My Father.

Pat Buchanan Does Not Want a Female President

Pat Buchanan, who has been relegated to The McLaughlin Group, hopes the U.S. won't elect a female president until long after he's gone.
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FACE THE NATION: Dick Durbin Calls Romney 'Obamacare Daddy'

The only way this could have been better is if Senator Dick Durbin called Mitt Romney the "baby daddy" of Obamacare.

CBS SUNDAY MORNING: Kevin Bleyer Challenges Congress

The Daily Show writer Kevin Bleyer challenges Congress to take a page out of the founding fathers' playbook and spend the summer sweating it out to write any piece of meaningful legislation.

Democrats Gang Up on Mitt Romney's Offshore Bank Accounts

While President Obama's ads attacking Mitt Romney as an "outsourcing pioneer" continue to dominate the airwaves, Democrats across several Sunday morning political talk shows focuses their ire on Romney's propensity to keep his money outside of the U.S.
On CNN's State of the Union, Robert Gibbs said Mitt Romney should change his campaign slogan from "Believe in America" to "Business in Bermuda."
On Fox News Sunday, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz urged Mitt Romney to release more than one year of tax returns and asks the rhetorical question, "why does an American business man need a Swiss bank account?"
On ABC's This Week, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley called out Mitt Romney for "betting against America" with his shading banking activity.
On Face The Nation, Senator Dick Durbin stated there are only two explanations for Mitt Romney's Swiss bank account: to conceal wrongdoing or because he thinks the Swiss franc is stronger than the American dollar.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Reince Priebus Calls Obama an Alien

No, not an illegal alien, but rather the kind that doesn't live "on earth."
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Why Do the Koch Brothers Love Mitt Romney So Much?

The Democratic National Committee wonder what the Koch Brothers might be expecting in return for all that money they're giving Mitt Romney.