Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Joe Biden: Mitt Romney 'Wants You To Show Your Papers, But He Won't Show You His'

Vice President Joe Biden has the line of the day about Mitt Romney.

TRUE BLOOD: Murderers in Obama Masks

So this is HBO's way of evening the score after the Bush head-on-a-spike in Game of Thrones. The real question is, how did this make Shepard Smith feel?
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UCB: Vetting Jeb Bush

UCB Comedy continues its series "Vetting Mitt's Veeps" with Jeb Bush Peterson.

Obama: Abraham Lincoln Is 'My Homeboy'

President Obama gets very excited when he spots a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln in his Cedar Rapids, Iowa crowd.

Highlights from Romney's Colorado Town Hall

Mitt Romney had lots of exciting things to add to the national political conversation today in Grand Junction, Colorado. Below are some of the video highlights.
Responding to a question about gay rights, Mitt Romney confirmed that "personal liberty" is "what makes America, America" but failed to address how that applies to homosexuals.
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"All suggestions are welcome" is Mitt Romney's way of saying there's no way in hell he's picking Allen West as his running mate.
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Mitt Romney continued his party's "you're rubber/I'm glue" strategy of calling President Obama the "outsourcer-in-chief."

ONN: Ron Paul Campaigns in Jalopy

At least one news outlet is still covering Ron Paul.

Nancy Pelosi Dances at Barney Frank's Wedding

"Are you recording this? You should definitely record this."
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John Boehner Thinks People Will Be 'Enthusiastic' About Mitt Romney

Despite what he said earlier, Speaker Boehner is super-psyched about Mitt Romney and thinks you should be, too.

FOX NEWS: Reince Priebus Accuses Obama of Outsourcing Stimulus

The RNC's newest tactic against the Obama campaign is essentially the "I'm rubber, you're glue" technique.

Gotcha Morning | Billionaires for Romney Hit the Hamptons

It all started with the Los Angeles Times article that quoted one lucky (anonymous) contributor on her way into Mitt Romney's Hamptons fundraiser. From the passenger seat of her Range Rover, she expressed that her "nails ladies" just don't have the mental capacity to understand how much President Obama is hurting them.
With Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert still on vacation this week, MSNBC had to pick up the slack and highlight the absurdity of this 1% mentality. First, Al Sharpton cast some young actors, sporting pastel sweaters and polo shirts, to perform the aforementioned quote and others overheard Sunday in the Hamptons. Rachel Maddow was even more incensed by the "obnoxious wealth" on display, contrasting that image with Obama's tax cut extension proposal in the piece below.

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Maddow compares the real-life Romney donors to Billionaires for Bush, the satire group that followed President George W. Bush around during his years in office, carrying signs with slogans like "Four More Wars," "Privatize Everything" and "Corporations Are People Too." Just as that last parody of a position became a real statement by Mitt Romney last summer, the fake Billionaires for Bush have become real Billionaires for Romney. The only difference is that the real billionaires actually contributed over $100 million to Mitt Romney's campaign last month (not including the unreported millions flooding into his super PAC's).
I certainly get the point Sharpton, Maddow and others are making about how Mitt Romney's association with these people is going to look to the vast middle class as they head to the polls. The sad truth is that the money the super rich are eagerly handing over to the Romney campaign could ultimately speak a lot louder than those voters.