Friday, July 13, 2012

Mitt Romney's Five Network Interviews on Bain in 60 Seconds

Mitt Romney pulled a rare Friday night "Full Ginsburg," forced by the Obama campaign to go on the defensive and explain exactly when he left Bain Capital. In case you missed all five interviews, you can watch the highlights in 60 seconds.

Mitt Romney iPhone Siri Ad

"Fine, we're both robots."
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John Oliver on Mitt Romney

John Oliver doesn't understand how you could not find Mitt Romney interesting.
"Part of me would not be that surprised if he peeled his face off and there was a robot underneath."

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Obama Hits Romney's Bain Timeline in New Ad

The Obama campaign demands some further explanation on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital conundrum in this new ad titled "Your Turn."

Rep. Allen West Sings Tom Petty's 'Running Down a Dream'

I can't wait to see Tom Petty go on Fox News and call everyone Communists in response.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Herman Cain on Romney and the NAACP

Wondering what Herman Cain thinks about Mitt Romney's speech to the NAACP conference? Fox and Friends is here to help.

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin on Condoleezza Rice as VP

Without a hint of jealousy in her voice, Sarah Palin says she thinks Condoleezza Rice would make a "wonderful" running mate for Mitt Romney even though she's "moderately pro-choice."
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JIMMY KIMMEL: Boehner Baby

Jimmy Kimmel introduces the hottest new doll on the market.

CBS THIS MORNING: Obama Calls Romney 'Mr. Fix-It' On the Economy

In his wide-ranging interview with Charlie Rose, President Obama defended his relentless attacks on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital record, sarcastically calling him "Mr. Fix-It on the economy because he made a lot of money."

Gotcha Morning | Does It Matter When Mitt Romney Left Bain?

Another day, another damaging scandal for Mitt Romney. This time the source is an article in the Boston Globe, which claims Romney stayed at Bain Capital for three years after he claims he left and the company started doing pesky things like shipping jobs overseas.
Rachel Maddow went straight to the source, interviewing Christopher Rowland who wrote the Globe article. Rowland admits that Mitt Romney may have not physically been at the Bain offices everyday during those three years, but he was still drawing a paycheck, presumably for doing something.

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CNN's John King spoke to several of Mitt Romney's colleagues at Bain during the time that he claims to have left in 1999. Those sources maintain that once Romney left to work on the Salt Lake City Olympics, they never saw him again but were required by law to keep his name on the SEC documents until they finished the process of replacing him.
While these two accounts, by the Boston Globe and by former Bain employees, seem at odds, they share an essential problem for Mitt Romney. Either Romney left Bain when he said he did and continued to get paid for doing nothing or he continued his high-level involvement and participated in the firm's outsourcing activity. Both scenarios discredit Romney's claim the his Bain Capital experience makes him the perfect candidate to fix the U.S. economy.