Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MoveOn Ad Equates Romney with Nixon

Introducing "Tricky Mitt."

Gotcha Links of the Day | The Dark Mitt Rises

Rush Limbaugh introduces the brilliant conspiracy theory that The Dark Knight Rises' villain is named Bane as a slight to Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney's ad featuring President Obama singing Al Green has been pulled from YouTube for copyright infringement offering further proof that Google hates Republicans.
ᔥ Mediaite
Why wouldn't the GOP want a repeat performance from 2008's most entertaining speaker?
ᔥ The Week
Steve Almond thinks Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert aren't doing enough to promote liberalism.
ᔥ The Baffler
John McCain did more to hurt Mitt Romney's credibility with this statement about Sarah Palin than he could possibly imagine.

LETTERMAN: Roseanne Barr vs. Obama on Medical Marijuana

Though she won't be representing the Green Party on the ballot in November, Roseanne Barr is taking her fight against President Obama's medical marijuana policy in California to the Late Show.

CNN: John Sununu Apologizes, Continues to Attack Obama

A few hours after his outrageous Fox News appearance, Former Governor Sununu is walking back his attacks on Obama. As Wolf Blitzer says, "Governor, go ahead an explain what you really meant to say."

HARDBALL: Chris Matthews Thinks Obama is 'Perfect'

I agree with Chris Matthews that there's a racial component the brutal criticism President Obama receives daily from the right, but I'm not sure calling him the "perfect husband, perfect father, perfect American" is the answer.

Donald Trump Reviews 'The Dark Knight Rises'

One more reason to hate Donald Trump: he got to see The Dark Knight Rises before you. Spoiler alert: he thought it was great!

FUNNY OR DIE: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Comes Out

Jesse Tyler Ferguson comes out as the first openly red-headed GOP congressional candidate.

FOX NEWS: John Sununu Says Obama Was 'In Hawaii Smoking Something'

The former New Hampshire Governor, who once called Mitt Romney's Republican opponents "Socialist" does his best on Fox News to make President Obama into an un-American dope fiend.

CONAN: Joe Biden Slogans

Vice President Joe Biden tries out some new campaign slogans, including "Where's Delaware?"

Barack and Michelle Obama on the Kiss Cam

I can't believe they didn't put the camera on President Obama and Joe Biden.

Gotcha Morning | Michele Bachmann is the New Joseph McCarthy

Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom all of sudden seems far more prescient than anyone could have expected. In the third episode, which aired two weeks ago, Sam Waterston's Charlie Skinner asks Jane Fonda's Leona Lansing if she would have told Edward R. Murrow to lay off McCarthy the way she's asking anchor Will McAvoy to take it easy on the Tea Party members of Congress, such as Michele Bachmann. Lansing responds, "Michele Bachmann is a hairdo. I'm not worried about Michele Bachmann."
The Newsroom is set in 2010, and Michele Bachmann's influence has grown significantly since the midterm elections that year. She recently opened up a full-scale witch hunt against members of the U.S. government who she believes have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. With "Muslim" being the scary, foreign label that "Communist" was back in the 1950's, her accusations have career damaging potential for the specific people she and her Congressional minions are targeting, including the State Department's Huma Abedin, wife of previously shamed Congressman Anthony Weiner.
In this clip from Anderson Cooper 360 last night, Cooper and his guests Alex Seitz-Wald from Salon and the Arab American Institute's James Zogby try to break down what Bachmann's motivations could possibly be for making a public outcry about something that (if it were a real threat) should and would be handled covertly.
They effectively make the point that since the majority of Americans (and particularly Republicans) still think President Obama is a closet Muslim, anything Bachmann and her cohorts do in this election year to promote the fear of secret Muslim infiltration in Washington can only hurt the President. As Aaron Sorkin reminds us, we should heed those lessons of McCarthyism and call out this disgusting behavior for what it is. We may not have an Edward R. Murrow or Will McAvoy reporting the news right now, but at least we have Anderson Cooper.

COLBERT REPORT: Mitt Romney's 'Retroactive Retirement'

As expected, Stephen Colbert returned from vacation enthralled by the Romney campaign's rhetorical masterpiece of "retroactive retirement."

DAILY SHOW: Mitt Romney's Bain Timeline and Tax Returns

Jon Stewart came back from two weeks of vacation armed with two weeks of ammunition against Mitt Romney.