Wednesday, July 18, 2012

JAY LENO: Newt Gingrich Meets Snooki

Only Jay Leno could bring together these two.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Releases Mitt Romney's Tax Returns

Somehow The Daily Show got ahold of the mysterious tax returns everyone else has been clamoring for.

CONAN: Mitt Romney as Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

It appears Team Coco had a similar idea to me for tonight's show.

HANNITY: George Zimmerman Has No Regrets

In the most chilling moment of George Zimmerman's hour-long interview with Sean Hannity, he says it was "all in God's plan" for him to kill Trayvon Martin.

Mitt Romney is Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

I decided it was about time someone made Rush Limbaugh's greatest nightmare come true. Mitt Romney stars as Bane in this new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (in theaters Friday).

Gotcha Links of the Day | Mitt Men

ᔥ Upworthy
Anthony Weiner plays the family man so you'll stop thinking so much about his wiener.
ᔥ People
If only this guy who looks just like Mitt Romney could talk just like Mitt Romney.
ᔥ GOP12
George Zimmerman is sitting down for an hour long interview with Sean Hannity tonight because that's something people awaiting trial for murder usually do.
ᔥ Mediaite
Bob Odenkirk imagine our gluten-free future.
ᔥ New Yorker
According the no less an authority than the Olympics, Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain in 2001.
ᔥ BuzzFeed
It turns out the guy who created the character of Bane is a big conservative, so Rush Limbaugh can shut up now.
ᔥ Gawker
Mitt Romney is concerned that middle class waiters and waitresses are struggling.
ᔥ Under the Mountain Bunker
Everyone stop what you're doing, Tim Pawlenty's website is down.
ᔥ ShortFormBlog

Mitt Romney Refuses to Call Obama a 'Monster'

What would would you use, Mitt?

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis 'Campaign' in LA

The stars of The Campaign have set off on an 11-city tour (in character) across the United States to debate each other on key issues and mostly promote their movie. In this clip from yesterday's stop in Los Angeles, Will Ferrell talks about the qualities that make a good presidential candidate, rules which apparently apply to George W. Bush.

FOX NEWS: Anchor Laughs at Wheelchair Escalator Mishap

Fox News just can't enough of this woman flipping over backwards in her wheelchair after trying to go up an escalator in Boston.
"I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh, it's not funny. I hope she's OK. She's OK, right you guys?"

John McCain Defends Huma Abedin from Michele Bachmann

John McCain may stand by his decision to pick Sarah Palin as his VP, but he will not stand for Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood witch hunt.

Mitt Romney Dances Around Issues Like His Dancing Horse

We can now add the Dancing Horse to the list of metaphors, after Etch A Sketch and the Men in Black flashlight, for how Mitt Romney deals with controversial issues.

George W. Bush Was Famous and Powerful and Awesome

But now he's just a regular guy and he's OK with that.

Gotcha Morning | Romney's 'Retroactive Retirement' vs. Obama's Burning Money

This morning brings two new attack ads from President Obama and Mitt Romney. Romney's ad is arguably the more straightforward of the two, taking a traditional 30 seconds to continue the attack launched by RNC chairman Reince Priebus that says Obama is the one who has been outsourcing jobs. Romney's ad asks, "Where did all the Obama stimulus money go?" while stock footage of money burning plays in the background. Then the Romney team uses their patented move of inserting video of a Democrat criticizing Obama, this time Chuck Schumer instead of their previous go-to Hillary Clinton.
The Obama campaign's new web ad gives their continued attack on Mitt Romney's Bain departure timeline a little more room to breathe. In this longer piece, "regular people" on the street try to decipher Mitt Romney's convoluted explanation about when and how he left Bain. The ad ends with the question that gives it its title, "Mitt Romney: Chairman, CEO, and Sole Shareholder—But Not Responsible?"
Both ads are asking questions about what President Obama and Mitt Romney might be hiding in their respective records, but you may notice one main difference between them. Where Obama's ad refers to the Boston Globe's well-researched story and Mitt Romney's own words as source material, Romney's ad contains no sources whatsoever. While there is plenty of evidence that the Obama stimulus did give contracts to foreign companies, Mitt Romney's not doing himself any favors by keeping the actual facts out of his ad. I would easily give this round to Obama. People trying to figure out what Romney means by "entity" is way more relatable than burning money.

CONAN / KIMMEL: Presidential Kiss Cam

Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel went for exact same joke after the Obamas' kiss cam appearance Monday night. The only differences I could spot were that Conan had Michelle on top and Kimmel had Barack's shirt come off.

JIMMY FALLON: Mitt Romney Burger Summit Invitation

Jimmy Fallon really wants Mitt Romney to come on his show and have a burger.

COLBERT REPORT: None of the Above 2012

Stephen Colbert proposes that Mitt Romney pick "None of the Above" for his running mate.

DAILY SHOW: Al Madrigal Smuggles Negative Ads into Mexico

When Mexico banned negative ads for their presidential race, Al Madrigal saw an opportunity.