Tuesday, July 24, 2012

O'REILLY FACTOR: Bill O'Reilly Battles Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Gun Control

Bill O'Reilly makes the most reasonable of arguments to Congressman Jason Chaffetz about ensuring that the FBI knows when people buy extremely large amounts of ammunition and finds himself in the unfamiliar position of advocating for stricter gun laws. This segment exemplifies how difficult it will be to get Republicans to budge an inch on gun control.
And here I am, twice in one day, agreeing with Bill O'Reilly.

CNN: Diva of the District Mindy Meyer

CNN follows social media's lead with this report on the New York State Senate campaign of Brooklyn's Mindy Meyer.

Gotcha Links of the Day | Don't Stick Your Fingers in Jim Henson's Chick-fil-A Puppet Holes

Apparently, Chick-fil-A not a big fan of the Jim Henson Company either.
ᔥ ShortFormBlog
It's sad how unsurprising it is that Colorado gun sales are way up this week.
ᔥ Gawker
Did Mitt Romney find out Sally Ride was gay before or after he tweeted her praise?
ᔥ Huffington Post
Rob Portman's favorite flavor yogurt is NOT vanilla so you can stop asking him, OK?
ᔥ GOP12
SNL is bringing back the Thursday night election specials this fall, and hopefully Jason Sudeikis' Mitt Romney is on board.
ᔥ Deadline Hollywood

PIERS MORGAN: Michael Moore on Gun Control

Michael Moore invokes the President's own words after the Aurora, Colorado shooting and asks, if it were Obama's daughters in the movie theater that night, would Obama still think our existing gun laws are enough?

Trailer: 'You've Been Trumped'

It's like Braveheart, except that instead of the British, these Scots are fighting against Donald Trump.

DAILY SHOW: Chick-fil-A, 'Eat Mor Cok'

"That is how a cow would spell cock."

FOX AND FRIENDS: Did These Two Little Girls Build Their Lemonade Stand?

Fox and Friends brings the false controversy over President Obama's "you didn't build that" comment to the next logical step.
ᔥ Huffington Post

What's Going On With George W. Bush's Jaw?

When George W. Bush was interviewed by the Hoover Institute earlier this month, everyone was so focused on his epic quote about being "famous and powerful and awesome" that we totally missed whatever is going on with his jaw.
ᔥ Dorsey Shaw

Gotcha Morning | Stewart, O'Reilly Agree on Brian Ross

Over the years, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly have butted heads on everything from President Obama inviting Common to the White House to the perennial War on Christmas. But it's always refreshing when the two hosts can agree on something. In April of last year, Jon Stewart took some time to praise Bill O'Reilly for standing up to the birthers. And just last night, the two hosts were once again united against a common enemy: ABC anchor Brian Ross, who falsely claimed that the Aurora, Colorado shooter had ties to the Tea Party.
On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart once again found himself in the uncomfortable position of trying to find comedy in a national tragedy. After discussing the political stalemate that is the gun control "debate,", Stewart moved on to cover Brian Ross' blunder. He describes Ross' reporting style like this: "Hey George, let me interrupt ya. I put the name 'Jim Holmes' into my search engine and hit the 'I'm Feeling Lazy' button."
Meanwhile, Bill O'Reilly had his good friend Bernie Goldberg on The O'Reilly Factor to talk about the Brian Ross debacle. Like Stewart, O'Reilly thinks it was a big mistake on Ross' part. The main difference is that while Stewart (and Bernie Goldberg for that matter) think it shouldn't matter what the killer's political affiliation is, O'Reilly thinks that if he had been an active Tea Party member (or god forbid, part of MoveOn), Fox News and the rest of the media would have covered it relentlessly.
There's no doubt that this was lazy reporting on Brian Ross' part (or whoever was feeding him information). But in an election year, with the gun rights battle as politicized as it is, if it did turn out that there was a political motive behind the massacre it would of course become the story. I'm sure it's as hard for me to say this as it is for Jon Stewart, but Bill O'Reilly is right.

CONAN: Deon Cole on Romney's Black Cheering Section

Conan writer Deon Cole comments on the under-reported story about Mitt Romney bringing his own black cheering section to the NAACP conference.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Colbert on Politicizing the Aurora, Colorado Shooting

Stephen Colbert asks how President Obama and Mitt Romney can ever, in good conscience, run attack ads in a country that has almost 9,000 gun homicides a year.