Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Gets to the Bottom of 'You Didn't Build That'

Jon Stewart spends a good 10 minutes unpacking the new centerpiece of Mitt Romney's campaign.
"You really want to hang your entire campaign on a willful, out-of-context misunderstanding?"

Obama Speaks About Gun Control at Urban League Conference in New Orleans

For the first time since Friday morning's mass shooting in Colorado, President Obama speaks publicly about gun control, while still making sure Americans know he not going to take away their Second Amendment rights.
"I, like most Americans, believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms. I think we recognize the traditions of gun ownership that passed on from generation to generation... but I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals; that they belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities."

NBC NEWS: Brian Williams for Romney's VP?

Mitt Romney really zinged Brian Williams when he asked the candidate if he was going to pick an "incredibly boring white guy" as his running mate.

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Gotcha Links of the Day | Kim Jong un-marries

Kim Jong un-marries. Kim Jong-un marries.
ᔥ ShortFormBlog
If you want to get weed in LA, you're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way (ie. not at a store).
ᔥ Death + Taxes
The world will be OK. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are sticking around for a few more years.
ᔥ HuffPost Comedy
At least five of Mitt Romney's fake followers are using this guy's face without his permission.
ᔥ Mother Jones
Chick-fil-A probably invented this teenage girl to defend them on Facebook.
ᔥ Digital Collage

NBC NEWS: Mitt Romney Wants to 'Change the Hearts of the American People'

What exactly does Mitt Romney want to change our hearts into?

Romney Advisor Richard Williamson References 'Soviet Union

Looks like Mitt Romney needs a new Foreign and Defense Policy Senior Advisor.

Herman Cain: 'Who Cares About Mitt Romney's Tax Returns?!'

Herman Cain offers his expert opinion on Mitt Romney's tax returns and how much he loves rich people.

CNN: The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People

CNN takes a look at some of The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People 2012, including Michele Bachmann at number ten.

CONAN: Obama Gives Himself a Hand on Killing Osama bin Laden

Conan O'Brien shows a clip from President Obama's VFW speech in Nevada.

Gotcha Morning | Super PAC Sports Metaphors

It may be a coincidence, but today we have two new 60 second commercials from the two major super PAC's behind President Obama and Mitt Romney, which both use sports metaphors to promote their respective messages.
First up, American Crossroads released this ad titled "Replay," which will most likely play well to a base that's seriously missing the NFL right about now. The ad is essentially a rehash of President Obama's "you didn't build that" comment and his campaign's subsequent attempts at clarification. The ad succeeds at making the Obama campaign look like they're playing defense, but as long as it doesn't show more than that three second clip without context, the GOP can't claim the moral high ground.
Priorities USA Action harnesses Olympic fever ahead of Friday's opening ceremonies in London. Called "Romney's Gold," the ad uses footage from Mitt Romney's stint running the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. As the Morning Joe crew pointed out this morning, the Olympics are still considered by many to be the only untainted item on Romney's resume. The only negative thing the ad says about Romney's Olympics experience is that he apparently had the uniforms made in Burma. In structure and content, this ad is very similar to the far more effective and direct ad the Obama campaign put out itself earlier this month with Romney's "America the Beautiful" as the soundtrack. The juxtaposition of Romney singing patriotically with facts about his foreign bank accounts plays far better than those same facts paired with Olympics footage.
Both of these ads exemplify how outside groups with enormous advertising budgets can ultimately obscure the brands (in this case, candidates) they are meant to support.

DAILY SHOW: Lewis Black on Campaign Lies

Lewis Black takes a look at some recent campaign ads from Obama and Romney and uncovers rampant hypocrisy and lies.
"Running a business is something you do by yourself. Running a four minute mile--that takes a village!"