Wednesday, August 8, 2012

CNN: Wolf Blitzer vs. Bill Burton

Wolf Blitzer takes Bill Burton to task over the controversial ad from Priorities USA Action that implies Mitt Romney indirectly killed the wife of former steelworker Joe Soptic.
If you live in a battleground state, you should be seeing this ad on TV any day now. If not, you can watch it below.

Gotcha Links of the Day | Newt Gingrich at the Genius Bar

Newt Gingrich finds himself in the company of geniuses.
ᔥ Twitter
That MTV VMA's are not doing the Democratic National Convention any favors.
ᔥ Huffington Post
The Wikipedia pages of Mitt Romney's potential running mates are on lockdown (at least partially thanks to Stephen Colbert).
ᔥ The Hill
July 2012 didn't just feel like the hottest month ever. It actually was.
ᔥ ThinkProgress
Swine flu is back, baby!
ᔥ The Week

Hillary Clinton Gets 'Low Low Low Low, Low Low Low Low'

This must have been what was playing in Hillary Clinton's head last night in South Africa.

ONN: GOP Trying To Keep Elderly Voting Base Alive Until November

The GOP has a new winning strategy for November.

FUNNY OR DIE: Jersey Shore Politics

The cast of Jersey Shore is better than I would have thought at memorizing lines. Now that you're properly informed, register to vote at

Gotcha Morning | Romney Hood vs. Obamaloney

First, President Obama called Mitt Romney's tax policy a "reverse Robin Hood" or "Romney Hood." Then, Mitt Romney responded by calling the President's claim "Obamaloney." In case you missed it, The Ed Show had a good recap of the back and forth last night.

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Now, a lot of people are saying that this silly wordplay represents the death spiral of American politics. But I'm here to tell you that it's just what this campaign needs. Sure, President Obama could explain that Mitt Romney's preferred tax plan takes money from the middle class to pay for enormous tax cuts for the very rich. And Mitt Romney could state that Obama's not being entirely accurate about his proposed tax policy.
But the American people don't want to hear that. They want catchphrases like "Romney Hood" and "Obamaloney" that tell you everything you need to know in the amount of time it takes to change the channel back to the Olympics. They want out-of-context soundbites like "you didn't build that." They want super PAC ads that basically accuse candidates of murder.
This presidential race is full of complex, important issues that deserve honest debate. But since most people probably don't have the attention span for that, we'll have to make do with "Romney Hood" vs. "Obamaloney."

Hillary Clinton Dances in South Africa

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues her dancing tour of Africa.

COLBERT REPORT: Gabby Douglas' 'Soft Anti-Americanism'

Stephen Colbert wants gymnast Gabby Douglas to be more like rower Henrik Rummel.

DAILY SHOW: Mitt Romney vs. Italy

Jon Stewart explains why Mitt Romney is "persona non grata" in Italy.

Don't Want To Be An American Mitt-iot

Christopher Duva updates the Green Day's anti-Bush anthem for the Mitt Romney era.

Elizabeth Banks Talks About Her 'Heavy Flow'

This extra dose of honestly from Elizabeth Banks ensures that many more people will see her pitch for Planned Parenthood and President Obama.