Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad Lip Reading - More Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gets another Bad Lip Reading video.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart Welcomes Paul Ryan

Jon Stewart reports on the moment the 2012 presidential race got real.

Gotcha Links of the Day | Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan Gosling

@PaulRyanGosling is the perfect Paul Ryan meme.
ᔥ Huffington Post | [Image: Jest]
It's International Left Handers Day! Which is the perfect time to wonder why so many presidents have been left-handed.
ᔥ Fresh Air
Florida newspapers are not crazy about Paul Ryan.
ᔥ BuzzFeed
CNN is getting into the reality TV game because that's the most logical move for "the worldwide leader in news."
ᔥ The Daily What
The Campaign has the biggest opening weekend for a movie "centered around a political campaign" because Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are awesome.
ᔥ Splitsider

MSNBC: Al Sharpton Mocks Paul Ryan's Workout Routine

Al Sharpton accuses Paul Ryan of not getting anything done in Congress because he's too busy working on his abs.
"Paul Ryan's not a budget guy. He's a muscle guy... Did Paul Ryan think we'd really believe he spent all his time working on his budget when he's really been working on his abs? Nice try. But we gotcha."

JAY LENO: Michelle Obama and Gabby Douglas

In their ridiculously charming appearance on the Tonight Show, Gabby Douglas sets back Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign by saying she celebrated her Olympic gold with an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds.

CONAN: 'Growing Up Romney' Campaign Ad

Back when the Romney brothers were on Conan, Team Coco put together this campaign ad featuring some old home movies.

Paul Ryan Heckled in Iowa

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan contended with his first hecklers on the campaign trail in Iowa. His comments that the hecklers "must not be from Iowa or Wisconsin" echoes Sarah Palin's statements from 2008 about "real America.".

TOTALLY BIASED: Sikhs vs. Sheiks

W. Kamau Bell clears up the Sikh/Sheik confusion once and for all on the premiere of Totally Biased.

Obama 'Thought About Getting a Mohawk'

President Obama tells the NASA Curiosity Rover team that he's "thought about getting a mohawk" but his team has discouraged it.
Twitter user @darth was kind enough to photoshop what that might look like.

Gotcha Morning | What's in the Romney/Ryan Budget?

Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin is so synonymous with his Roadmap for America's Future that his picture appears on its official government website. When Mitt Romney chose to pick Ryan as his running mate, he sent a clear signal to the Republican and Tea Party base that he was endorsing the ideological principles in the Ryan budget. In the few days since Romney made the pick official in Virginia, he's been trying to quietly distance himself from his running mate's fiscal philosophies. Meanwhile, the Democrats are doing everything they can to show the American people how radical those philosophies are.
It started with the Obama campaign's hastily assembled (or ready in reserve) attack ad on Paul Ryan along with a website dedicated to the "Go Back Team." The assault continued on the Sunday morning political talk shows. David Axelrod on CNN's State of the Union and Stephanie Cutter on CBS' Face The Nation set out to define Ryan through his budget and other "extreme" social views. They also didn't hesitate to add how low Mitt Romney's personal taxes would be under Paul Ryan's plan.
President Obama got in on the act as well on the campaign trail, "welcoming" Paul Ryan to the race while labeling him the "ideological leader" of the GOP Congress.
Mitt Romney has been notoriously vague about his own prescriptions for lowering the deficit, preferring to outline the taxes he would cut without saying how he would make up the revenue or reduce spending. By picking one of the only members of Congress who has been willing to outline the programs he would cut (including Medicare, education, transportation and a host of other social services) he is effectively endorsing those specifics. Either that or he only wants Paul Ryan for his strong head of hair and genial smile.
During the first joint interview of the new running mates on 60 Minutes last night, Romney simply said that they would be running on his budget plan, not Ryan's. But in the minds of most informed Americans, Paul Ryan is the Ryan budget, and the Obama campaign will be informing as many people as possible between now and November.

MORNING JOE: Joe Scarborough Endorses Paul Ryan

Joe Scarborough sees a little bit of himself (and Ronald Reagan) in Paul Ryan.
ᔥ GOP12