Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gotcha Links of the Day | Romney's White Board

Mitt Romney writes on a white board, giving the internet a whole new way to make fun of him.
ᔥ Romney's White Board
Donald Trump reveals his big surprise for the Republican National Convention that no one asked for.
ᔥ Gawker
Homer Simpson finally weighs in on Paul Ryan.
ᔥ Twitter
Did First Lady Michelle Obama say that if Republicans are elected everyone will die of cancer? Nope.
ᔥ Media Matters
Paul Ryan didn't ask for Obama's stimulus but he'll use it if it's available to him.
ᔥ Death + Taxes

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan Both Rock Stars

Media Matters compares Fox News' 2008 coverage of Sarah Palin to their recent coverage of Paul Ryan.

LETTERMAN: Tracy Morgan on 'Mitt Romney Escobar'

Tracy Morgan reveals some of Mitt Romney's nicknames from when they attended high school together. Just last month, Steve Martin made allusions to Mitt Romney's marijuana use on the Late Show as well.

Mitt Romney Uses White Board to Explain Medicare Plan

Mitt Romney pulled out a white board on the campaign trail to prove how smart he is and over-simplify the difference between his and President Obama's Medicare plans.
ThinkProgress quickly responded with their own white board presentation showing what will actually happen.

MORNING JOE: Obama on 'Entertainment Tonight'

I think the hosts and panel of Morning Joe are a little jealous.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Mitt Romney's 'Positive' Campaign Ad

Jimmy Kimmel premieres a new ad from Mitt Romney's "positive" campaign strategy.

Mitt Romney Paid 'At Least 13%' in Taxes for Last 10 Years

But you're going to have to take his word for it and stop asking such "small-minded" questions. Oh, and by charity I'm pretty sure he means the Mormon church.
ᔥ BuzzFeed

DAILY SHOW: John Oliver Casts the Democratic National Convention

The DNC is looking for regular people to appear at their convention in North Carolina, so John Oliver sets out to find them.