Friday, August 17, 2012

JIMMY FALLON: Nancy Pelosi on NIght News Now

Nancy Pelosi compares Fruit Roll-ups and Fruit By the Foot for Jimmy Fallon's Night News Now.

Paul Ryan Thinks Guy Who Hates Him is Hilarious

This is Paul Ryan's default mode when dealing with an opposition protester.

TOTALLY BIASED: Obama is the President of Black America

W. Kamau Bell proves that Barack Obama is the POBA, even if he doesn't want to be.

ONN: Walk to Cure Gayness

The Onion News Network reports on Cobb County Evangelical Hospital's 5th annual Walk to Cure Gayness.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Geraldo Rivera Uncovers 'Lesbian Cabal' in the Department of Homeland Security

This is the most offensive thing Geraldo Rivera's said on Fox News since he told black people not to wear hoodies.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Mitt Romney Outsources 'Sesame Street'

This is what Sesame Street would be like if Mitt Romney gets his way.

DAILY SHOW: Rob Corddry Trains 'The Best F#@king News Team Ever'

A 2004 hall-of-famer returns to help The Daily Show prepare for the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

American Crossroads' Joe Biden Attack Ad

I'm no fan of American Crossroads, but this supercut of Vice President Joe Biden's worst out-of-context gaffes makes him look very stupid.

Gotcha Morning | Mitt Romney's 'Trust Me' Campaign

Yesterday, Mitt Romney addressed the ongoing call for him to release several years of tax returns more directly than he has since he started his campaign. He attempted to put the issue to rest by saying that he went back and looked at his own tax returns and determined that over the last 10 years he never paid less than the 13% seen in the one full year he has released.
It's possible that Romney's telling the truth, but unless he releases the tax returns to the public we'll never know. If he's not telling the truth, then we'll really never see the tax returns. Romney was in a stronger position when he simply said he wouldn't release more than was required by law, essentially saying "it's none of your business." But now that he's volunteered this 13% figure, what other reason could he possibly have for keeping the tax returns under wraps? At this point, it may boil down to pride.
But as we've seen before, sometimes people in power have to swallow their pride and do something they never thought they would have to do. As I wrote last month, the demands to see Mitt Romney's tax returns have echoes of the "Birther" movement against President Obama. No matter how many times President Obama and his advisors assured America that he was born in this country, there were people out there (like Donald Trump) who just wouldn't be satisfied until they could see the long-form birth certificate for themselves. As ridiculous as the "Birther" debate was, Obama knew he had nothing to hide so he posted the birth certificate online and made a national address that did effectively put this issue to bed.

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Mitt and Ann Romney have repeatedly stated that they don't want to put out any more tax returns because it will give more ammunition to the Democrats. The American people don't seem particularly disturbed by the 13% number so if we're really just looking at nine more years of that, then they shouldn't have too much to worry about. But by keeping this debate alive for as long as they have, the Romneys have built up such suspicion and curiosity about what could be hiding in those tax returns that if they do end up releasing them, they will be meticulously dissected by reporters and lawyers all over the country.
There's still enough time before election day that Mitt Romney could release the tax returns now, it would be big news for a few days, and then the media would move on to something else. That is of course unless there is something within the tax documents that disqualifies Mitt Romney from being President, whether legally or in the eyes of the voters. President Obama knew that wasn't the case with his birth certificate, but Mitt Romney doesn't seem so sure. I guess we'll just have to trust him.