Monday, August 27, 2012

FOX NEWS: Paul Ryan Sells Himself to Ron Paul Fans

Paul Ryan tells Ron Paul's supporters why they should learn to love him.

Gotcha Links of the Day | Hurricane Isaac Silences GOP Convention

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Rush Limbaugh thinks Obama can control the weather.
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Former Governor Mark Sanford is now engaged to the Appalachian Trail his Argentinian mistress.
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Chris Christie knows Mitt Romney is going to lose.
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Donald Trump (and his promised surprise) got bumped from the GOP convention.
If Utah's NBC affiliate won't show The New Normal, then it must be good. Or it may just be an innocuous show with gay people in it.

Tom Smith is the New Todd Akin

Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith thinks that getting pregnant "out of wedlock" and from being raped are "similar" in the sense that women should never have abortions after them even though they'll probably want to.
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Jon Stewart Welcomes College Students Back to School

Jon Stewart gives mtvU's convocation address to this year's incoming college students and offers some advice for those who will be voting for the first time.

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Herman Cain: 'I'm Not a Zero'

At his pre-GOP convention rally in Tampa last night, Herman Cain revealed the fact that he doesn't understand what zero percent means in the poll showing President Obama leading Mitt Romney 94-0% among African-Americans. Herman Cain and his friends can vote for Mitt Romney and he could still get zero percent of the black vote.

Gotcha Morning | Mitt Romney Plays the Race Card

The first official (truncated) day of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida gave MSNBC's Chris Matthews a chance to come face to face with RNC Chair Reince Priebus during a special edition of Morning Joe.
Matthews did not hesitate to call out Priebus on Mitt Romney's surprisingly Birther-esque assertion at a campaign stop in Michigan last week that "no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate." In the lively debate that followed, Matthews also tied the false attacks by Romney on Obama's welfare policies to a broader trend of the GOP playing the race card against the President.
While Chris Matthews may have the strongest reaction to the unwarranted birth certificate remark by Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign responded to it themselves over the weekend. Late Friday, they released this ad labeling Mitt Romney "Birther-in-chief."
Romney himself dismissed his comments as nothing more than a harmless joke, which is the defense his Republican allies are adopting. They claim that Obama has made similar (though definitely funnier) jokes about himself, such as the Lion King video that opened his 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner speech or even the "Made in the USA Mug" the campaign started pushing again this week.
Yes, as the Obama campaign ad above states, questions about the President's birth certificate do distract from the issues that will affect Americans' lives. But that doesn't mean they can be dismissed as nothing more than moments of levity from the man who wants to replace Obama in the White House. It's one thing for the President to use humor to deflate the unfair attacks against him. It's quite another for Mitt Romney to invoke those lies, which so many Americans still believe to be true, to get a cheap laugh and reinforce the idea of President Obama as "other."
Either Mitt Romney thought of his birth certificate joke on the spot, which seems unlikely given how scripted his campaign appearances tend to be. Or his campaign decided that it was time for Romney to play that back pocket race card and remind the Birther wing of his party that he's with them.