Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DAILY SHOW: GOP Convention Coverage from Tampa

Jon Stewart and the Best F#@king News Team Ever report from Tampa, Florida on the first night of the GOP convention.

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow on Chris Christie's 'Remarkable Act of Political Selfishness'

Rachel Maddow calls out Chris Christie for "accepting the nomination of the Republican Party for 2016."

Ann Romney's 'Love' vs. Chris Christie's 'Respect'

There was a little bit of miscommunication between the two headlining speakers on the first night of the GOP convention in Tampa.

Rick Santorum Talks About 'Hands' at GOP Convention

You may have noticed a common theme in Rick Santorum's convention speech.

Lane Turner Performs 'I Built It' at GOP Convention

Country singer Lane Turner debuts his tribute to that time Mitt Romney took President Obama's off-hand comment out of context at the GOP convention.

Kelly Ayotte: Obama Has 'Never Even Run a Lemonade Stand'

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte has her Sarah Palin "community organizer" moment at the GOP convention.
ᔥ GOP12

Ben Sheehan Sings 'Full of Mitt'

One more hilarious Mitt Romney parody music video that didn't make it onto my 30 Funniest Mitt Romney Parodies slideshow on HuffPost Comedy.

Ron Paul's 'Point of Order!' vs. Mitt Romney's 'USA!' Chants at GOP Convention

There was some minor disagreement between two wings of the Republican Party this afternoon in Tampa.

KEY AND PEELE: Obama and Luther on the RNC and DNC

President Obama and his anger translator take on the Republican and Democratic National conventions.
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Tom Brokaw: Al Gore is a 'Stand-up Comedian' Next to Mitt Romney

Tom Brokaw has low expectations for Mitt Romney's GOP convention speech.

Herman Cain Responds to Mitt Romney's Welfare Ad

Herman Cain's not mad, he's just sick of all the racial implications being made by Democrats about Mitt Romney's welfare ad. "There is only one color that matters in the American dream and that’s green!"
ᔥ Mother Jones

FUNNY OR DIE: Obama vs. Romney Rap Battle

Last week we got to see Paul Ryan's hardcore rap video, now we get a battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Your move, Joe Biden.

Romney Economics: The Infomercial

The Obama campaign sells Romney Economics to gullible people who will buy anything even if it's not in their best interest.

CONAN: Deon Cole at the GOP Convention

He doesn't have a camera crew, but Deon Cole is still keeping busy at the Republican National Convention.

LETTERMAN: Andy Kindler at the GOP Convention

David Letterman sends Andy Kindler to Tampa so he can report from the big empty room that is the Republican National Convention.