Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Code Pink Protester Disrupts Paul Ryan's Speech

The most exciting part of Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's GOP convention speech.

George H.W. Bush Does Dana Carvey Doing Him

Instantly the best part of the GOP convention so far.
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LETTERMAN: Michelle Obama Isn't Watching the GOP Convention

Michelle Obama can't bring herself to watch the Republican National Convention, but thinks it's important that other people do.

Ron Paul Tribute Video at GOP Convention

Ron Paul didn't get to speak on the floor without endorsing Mitt Romney, but he did get this epic video with gushing praise from his Congressional colleagues.

CNN: Wolf Blitzer on Racist Nut-Throwing Attack Against Black Camerawoman

This is CNN's first official acknowledgement of the most bizarre and disturbing thing that happened at the GOP convention last night (besides Rick Santorum's hands-obsessed speech).

Harold and Kumar Fire Up Colorado Students for Obama

Kal Penn and John Cho kick off the battle between CU and CSU on who can register more voters in Colorado. Ironically, it may come down to which school has less stoners.

Bernie Mac at the GOP Convention

Jest presents the Def Jam remix of the GOP convention.

LETTERMAN: Andy Kindler Interviews Michele Bachmann

Andy Kindler scores an exclusive interview with "Michele O'Bachmann" for the Late Show.

CONAN: Deon Cole Does Stand-up on the GOP Convention Stage

He finally got his camera crew, but then Conan's Deon Cole immediately got kicked out of the GOP convention for getting on stage and telling jokes about white people.

COLBERT REPORT: Todd Akin and the Hoo-Ha Lady Zone 5000

Stephen Colbert was on vacation all last week during "legitimate rape"-gate so he took some time last night to catch up on the story.