Friday, August 31, 2012

DAILY SHOW: Clint Eastwood Makes Jon Stewart's Week

Jon Stewart was a little disappointed by his week in Tampa, and then Clint Eastwood happened.

Mitt Romney Calls America a 'Company'

Mitt Romney may have gotten through his heavily scripted GOP convention speech without any major problems, but he was right back on the gaffe train this morning, mistakenly referring to America as a "company." If "corporations are people," then I suppose this isn't too big of a leap.
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HUFFPOST LIVE: SNL's John Mulaney on Clint Eastwood

SNL writer John Mulaney tries to figure out how the show might be able to make Clint Eastwood's GOP convention speech any funnier than it already was. One thing we know is that we can look forward to is the return of Bill Hader's impression.

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CBS THIS MORNING: Ann Romney Reacts to Clint Eastwood's Speech

Ann Romney hesitates to say whether Clint Eastwood's "unique" GOP convention speech was a mistake.

CONAN: Deon Cole Returns to the GOP Convention

After getting kicked out of the GOP convention hall on Tuesday night, Deon Cole re-crashed the party to interview John McCain and other Republicans.

COLBERT REPORT: Paul Ryan's Big Ideas Trump Facts

Stephen Colbert makes an analogy between Paul Ryan stretching the truth and "doping."

DAILY SHOW: Paul Ryan's 'Hard Truths' at GOP Convention

Jon Stewart fact-checks Paul Ryan's GOP convention speech.