Sunday, September 9, 2012

Obama Picked Up By Florida Pizzeria Owner

This is how much Florida loves President Obama right now.

THIS WEEK: Paul Krugman vs. Rand Paul on Government Jobs

Paul Krugman has never looked more exasperated than when he's trying to explain to Rand Paul that public sector employment gone down under President Obama.
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GIFs From Last Week | 2012 DNC Convention Edition

Look back at the week in politics through animated GIFs, courtesy of GIFs From Last Night.
Kal Penn urges young Americans to visit
Julian Castro's daughter whips her hair back and forth.
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Michelle Obama proves why her approval ratings are consistently higher than everyone else's.
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Bill Clinton compliments Paul Ryan.
James Taylor is an “old white guy” who “loves Barack Obama.”
Jennifer Granholm wins for most energetic DNC speech.
The First Family surprises the President on stage.
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FACE THE NATION: Paul Ryan Apologizes for Marathon 'Mistake'

Paul Ryan admits he made up his sub-three hour marathon, but you can totally trust him about everything else he says.

MEET THE PRESS: Mitt Romney Hates Obamacare, Loves Health Care Reform

Mitt Romney explains to David Gregory that he wants to replace evil Obamacare with his own health care plan that curiously has a lot of the same benefits for Americans.

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What Things Does Mitt Romney Find Important?

If Mitt Romney didn't think the troops in Afghanistan were important enough to talk about during his GOP convention speech, what does he find important?
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Obama Asks 6-Year-Old Hawaiian Boy If He Has a Birth Certificate

See, it's OK when President Obama makes Birther jokes.