Monday, September 10, 2012

Gotcha Links of the Day | Americans Love/Hate That Man Who Picked Up Obama

Surprisingly, Republicans and Democrats are reacting differently to the pizzeria owner who bear-hugged President Obama.
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If you don't count the tens of millions of dollars going straight to the super PAC's, President Obama out-fundraised Mitt Romney last month.
ᔥ Atlantic Wire
Obama feels bad about making fun of Harrison Ford's character from Patriot Games to his face.
ᔥ ShortFormBlog
Jay-Z and Occupy Wall Street are in a fight.
ᔥ Death + Taxes
Mitt Romney's website is probably looking to hire a new copywriter.
ᔥ BuzzFeed
Elizabeth Warren is also benefitting from the Obama DNC bump.
Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln keeps looking better and better.
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CNN: Hipster Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer has new glasses and CNN wants you to know that he's a hipster now, like Anderson Cooper.

Barack Obama DNC Rap 'I Don't Like'

The man who brought you Obama's Osama bin Laden rap and "99 Problems But a Mitt Ain't One" is back with this take on the President's DNC speech.

The Obama Presidency in 2 Minutes

BuzzFeed sums up President Obama's first term in two fast-paced minutes.

Barack Obama and Steve Urkel: 'Did I Do That?'

Yes, Steve Urkel, you did that!
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The Onion and 7-Eleven Team Up For Election 2012 Coverage

Just as Comedy Central is urging viewers to turn away from from "traditional" news sources and watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report this election season, The Onion wants you to visit "America's Finest News Source" for your political coverage.

Introducing The Onion's 2012 Election Coverage

Snoop Dogg Endorses Obama

There's another candidate on the scene for "Secretary of Explaining Stuff."
"They need to give Obama four more years, man. I mean, Bush fucked up for eight years, so you gotta give him at least eight years, I mean he cleaned half the shit up in four years."

JIMMY FALLON: Mitt Romney Dubstep Ad

As part of the most recent "Night News Now" segment, Jimmy Fallon debuts Mitt Romney's new dubstep ad.

Rep. Allen West Calls Obama's Forward Slogan 'Marxist-Socialist'

Without explanation, Rep. Allen West says that the Obama campaign's "Forward" slogan "an old Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist theme" to the appreciative muttering of his audience at the Republican Jewish Coalition.
ᔥ ThinkProgress

Romney and Ryan Avoid Specifics on Tax Plan

This morning, The New York Times, MSNBC's Morning Joe and the Obama campaign are all asking the same question: Why won't Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get specific about which tax loopholes they will eliminate?
The Times article outlines how the Romney campaign's reluctance to offer any specifics on the tax deductions they plan to eliminate leaves them open to the the consistent attacks from the Democrats that the plan will lead to an increased tax burden for the middle class. The Tax Policy Center and other analysts say that's the only way to cut taxes for the very rich without adding to the deficit.
This issue led the self-identifying conservative Joe Scarborough to go on a tirade against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan this morning for being too timid with their answers thus far to these questions. In Scarborough's words:
"If you don't start telling people what you believe--if you really do, in fact believe in anything-- and if you don't start telling people, yes, these are the tax exemptions that we're going to get taken care of... unless you have somebody that's willing to do that, Romney's going to lose."

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The series of segments from the Sunday morning talk shows that open the Morning Joe clip above are remarkably similar to this two minute online ad released by the Obama campaign today. The video below uses the words of Romney, Ryan and the journalists who have been increasingly pressing them on taxes to show how the candidates appear to be hiding the realistic consequences of their plan (or lack thereof).
The GOP convention was the Romney campaign's chance to dispel the notion that their policies would raise taxes on the middle class. But without showing the specifics of how they would achieve that tricky arithmetic, the American people will have to assume that the charge is true. Fortunately for President Obama, he had his "Secretary of Explaining Stuff" at the DNC to make sure the country understands the consequences of Republican policies. With Romney and Ryan getting attacked from all sides for their lack of specifics, they will have to either nail some down or start rescinding the promises they've made to their richest supporters.

Obama Thinks Nicki Minaj Is Still Voting For Him

Despite what she rapped on Lil' Wayne's newest mixtape, President Obama tells Orlando's Power 95.3 that Nicki Minaj is probably not voting for Mitt Romney.
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